What is a Swimming Pool Water Testing Kit?

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Swimming pool water contains different pool chemicals essential to its maintenance. These pool chemicals affect the pH level of the water. The pH level is the measurement of the water’s acid and alkaline content.


swimming pool


Checking and monitoring the pool water’s pH level is very important. Checking the pH level is done with the  use of swimming pool water testing kit. A swimming pool water testing kit contains different supplies needed for measuring the pH level of the water.


pH test kit


The normal pH level of the pool water is 7.0. When the level exceeds 7.0, it means that the water contains more alkaline. On the other hand, when the pH level is below 7.0, the water is too acidic.



1. Test Strips


pH test strips

Test strips are strips of chemically-treated papers used to determine the acidity and alkalinity of the pool water. All you have to do is dip the end part of the strip to the pool and wait until it turns into a different color. If it turns to a lighter shade of blue or purple, the water contains too much alkaline and when it turns to a darker color, the water contains too much acid.



2. Digital Strip Readerdigital strip reader



To determine the accurate alkaline and acid content of the water, you can use a digital strip reader.


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